Iditarod Trail Roadhouse in McGrath welcomes travelers in a comfortable place dedicated to outdoor activities. As we believe that people are even more equal once in the wilderness, we propose a unique accommodation offer.

Lodging offer

We offer a unique price per guest and night. Guests are settled in private rooms as possible. For the comfort of everyone during seasonal peaks, we consider families together, women and men privacy, personal preferences and imperatives of your duty! Book with us here.

Bed & Breakfastper guest: 70 USD

Tax and service included. Tax exemption possible as per the law.

Private room example
Private room example
Flying Dogs dormitory

Simple policies

  • Booking always modifiable or refundable.
  • 1 child under 12 free per adult.
  • Pets welcome in a separate building.

Travel light

We know how hard it can be to travel light and want to avoid you to carry unnecessary things. The overnight rate includes everything you need: bed sheets and pillow case, towels, soap and shampoo, hair dryer. We can also assist with laundry service and personal convenience items… “Just in case, we never know” as the saying goes here 🙂

Now that your have a comfortable bed, take a look at the food service we provide, your options to reach McGrath and facilities you can find in the city.