McGrath public services and local merchants together offer all the amenities to make you feel comfortable. Let’s have a closer look at what you will find during your stay:


The Alaska Commercial grocery has a lot of commodities in store and is a mandatory stop for all adventurers:

  • dry food and snacks for your trips out of town.
  • survival supplies as matches, candles, batteries, etc.
  • The only ATM hundred of miles around! Better be prepared to visit the surrounding villages.
  • fresh food to cook at the roadhouse kitchen.

Important notice: air regulations do not allow to transport pressurized containers in your luggage. For this reason don’t expect to find bear repellents spray nor propane cans for your gas stove. However fuel and white alcohol (“burning alcool”) are available in quantity for your fuel and alcohol stoves.


Once every essential need is satisfied, relax with locals at McGuire’s Tavern. The tavern offers a large choice of beverages. While sharing a drink why not challenge your friends or relatives at the pool table or with a babyfoot game? A liquor store also offers beverages to take away.

McGrath USPS Post Office offers international stamps. And you can find nice handcrafted post cards in town. Using postal services is part of any rural Alaska experience and you might be able to fly near the mail bags! No excuse not to give some news to relatives 🙂

Coffee shop

Located in the cosy lobby of Hotel McGrath, Boardwalk Espresso offers hot beverages of any kinds and fresh pastries. Relax and warm up with an upgraded coffee!

Post office

Did you know?

To travel light, send your gear to McGrath as General Delivery. The US Post Office will retain it for 30 days:
MCGRATH AK 99627-9999

You could send your gear directly to the roadhouse instead. We will be happy to keep it for you:


Located inside of the Iditarod school district headquarter, the museum is open Wednesday and Friday from 12pm to 3pm. Visit McGrath Museum alone or during our free half-day historic tour.