McGrath is located in Interior Alaska, out of the road system. Unless you arrive by the Iditarod Trail, you will have to fly from Anchorage to access the Roadhouse. Don’t panic! Regular airlines together serve McGrath from Anchorage six days a week, in one hour only. Contact us before you fly and we will be happy to welcome you at the airport terminal.

Option #1: Fly with Ravn

We recommend to fly with RavnAir as they offer the ease of major airlines: online booking, affordable rates, generous luggage policy, complimentary on-board service (always accept cookies…). With a little bit of planning you can book a trip for a reasonable price! The roadhouse is only 10 minutes by foot from McGrath Airport terminal.

Option #2: Fly with AAT

You might prefer an authentic flight, enjoy the scenic view and keep an eye on navigation instruments! So fly with Alaska Air Transit instead for a memorable journey. The roadhouse is then 5 minutes by foot from the airport.

Option #3: Arrive by the trail

Be a hero and arrive by the trail! It is quite a challenge but people do it every winter by snowmobile, sled, fat bikes, backcountry skis and snowshoes.